Enhancing Millennial Performance at Work | with Aaren Terrett

We are in the early years of a fundamental demographic shift. The Millennial generation — which is even larger than the massive Baby Boom generation — now makes up a third of the workforce. As younger millennials continue to graduate from college, their powerful mix of values, communication style, and work perspective is driving a work-culture revolution.

As you lead a team that’s increasingly made up of millennials, understanding their motivators is essential to your success. This is a challenge that Aaren Terrett knows very well, since his organization is made up almost entirely of millennials.

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8 Gamification Resources for Talent Acquisition

For several years, recruiting has been one of the business processes that has best leveraged the potential of gamification. According to a recent article in HR Magazine, gamification can be an effective strategy for talent acquisition because of the power to:

  • Trigger interest in job openings,
  • Enable (and reward) current employees to easily share job openings with their external network and get feedback on their contacts’ progress during the recruiting process,
  • Project an innovative image of the employer,
  • Give candidates a realistic preview of the job, and
  • Predict applicants’ future job performance.

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Playing a Better Game of Business | with Simcha Gluck of FreshBiz

Gamification concepts continue to be integrated as part of normal business practices; sometimes it’s as subtle as taking inspiration from certain game elements when tweaking a business process, and at the other end of the spectrum, sometimes it’s literally creating a game for people to play. For one growing company, they not only have created a game that tens of thousands of people have played, they are changing the overall “game” of business itself — to transform corporate culture, education, and entrepreneurship.

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Engaging Employees as Brand Ambassadors | with Ivan Tsarynny of PostBeyond

Social media has a powerful effect on company sales and recruiting efforts. But just having a corporate communications person post things on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter doesn’t actually bring results. On social media, people pay attention to people, not to companies.

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One Drive to Rule Them All: To Lead Progress, Target the Right Motivator

Every organizational leader can learn a lesson from the science behind employee gamification, which is the use of game-inspired tactics to engage employees. As with any initiative a leader undertakes, the purpose of gamification is to create some sort of change or progress.

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