Workforce Health Engagement podcast

WHE Logo 150Workforce Health Engagement is a show exploring strategies to improve your employees’ health and productivity – and to protect your bottom line. Join us as industry experts discuss how to engage employees in population health management, wellness, and health care consumerism.

Workforce Health Engagement is a special series for CEOs, HR executives, and other business leaders about creating a culture of health and building on the latest trends in areas such as communication, epidemiology, disease management, benefit plan design, worksite clinics, price transparency, and more.

Over the long term, a “program of the day” won’t help you boost employee health, productivity, and your bottom line. For sustainable success, you need an integrated approach to workforce health engagement.

The podcast typically lasts about a half hour and is published once each month, but you can listen whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s a great way to keep your mind productive while you are driving, exercising, or otherwise occupied. You can subscribe to the podcast on your computer or mobile device with iTunes or Stitcher using the links below. Or, you can subscribe with an app such as Downcast or Instacast by searching the app’s directory for “Workforce Health Engagement.”

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