The Difference

Aspendale Communication is built on the belief that the best communication practices drive the best organizations and the best results. We believe that long-term success outweighs short-term gains, and we work hard to build sustainable, successful relationships with all of our clients. We rely on our consultants’ deep communication and human resource skills to deliver customized solutions for every engagement.

Aspendale Communications is based on real caring for fewer clients. Many of our client relationships began more than 10 years ago. Unlike most consulting firms, our focus is on quality rather than quantity.

Our satisfaction comes from partnering with clients and colleagues to do great work. We’re satisfied with a fair profit — we aren’t driven by a constant push for growing revenue. As a result, each client gets our full and thoughtful attention. We work with each client hand-in-hand to ensure that the results matter to the client and to us.

We accomplish success through a deep understanding of each client’s situation, creating strategies for building awareness and change throughout the organization. We implement programs that connect and align the organization and its employees.

Insights: A long-time client talked about the latest business challenge facing his company. We listened and then we outlined a recommended strategy. The client loved the strategy and partnered with Aspendale on a successful implementation. Later, the client commented that another consulting firm had pushed a strategy that seemed focused less on what the client needed and more on incorporating as many services offered by the firm as possible.