About Us

Aspendale Communications is a team of experienced consultants dedicated to helping organizations engage employees and deliver sound business results. With expertise in human resources complemented by real-world business experience, the Aspendale team helps clients enhance the well-being and performance of their people.

Most of our assignments fall into one of these areas of focus:

  • Educating employees about the organization’s culture, values, business drivers, and current direction
  • Attracting and aligning new employees, and helping develop current talent
  • Improving employee health, well-being, and productivity
  • Educating employees about compensation and benefits, including creating awareness of the total value and introducing program changes
  • Implementing organizational change initiatives to achieve specific business results
  • Gathering employee feedback and assessing effectiveness of organizational programs and communications

We’ve helped organizations discover the difference excellent communication can make to an organization.

Insights: A large manufacturing business was undertaking a business transformation across widely dispersed locations. Aspendale helped translate the complex business strategy into a focused vision – and communicate it in ways that harnessed the energy and innovation of employees. As the strategy evolved over the years, Aspendale helped shape the ongoing communications to ensure continuity and clarity. Years later, an employee showed his co-workers one of the original vision communications, which he still carried with him at all times because it continued to inspire him in his job.